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In our world we depend upon communication between people of diverse languages and backgrounds. Beginning this school year many families enrolled their kindergarteners in our dual language immersion program. This program leads to the development of academic and social language skills in both English and Spanish over studentsā€™ K-5 school experience.

Our dual language program teaches children to read, write, speak and listen in both Spanish and English. Students are also taught other subjects in both languages. Dual language programs enroll an equal number of diverse native English speakers and Spanish speakers and they work together for all of the school day. Teachers in these classrooms have Kindergarten-Elementary, ESL and bilingual certifications.

Parents of entering students can request a brochure and application from the Midvale School office and are welcome to visit and attend informational sessions. Please contact us for details!

There are four objectives of the Dual Language Immersion Program:

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  • Bilingualism ā€“ Development of high levels of language proficiency in Spanish and English.
  • Biliteracy - Promotion of high literacy achievement in both languages.
  • High Academic Achievement in all content areas- in TWO languages
  • Multicultural/ Intercultural Understanding ā€“ Development of positive intercultural understanding and high self-esteem


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At Midvale, each year we have between 4-5 DLI classrooms and 3-4 English Instruction Classrooms (ELI) at each grade level. The number of DLI classrooms is dependent upon the number of Spanish-speaking students who enroll in any given Kindergarten year, and whose parents want them to be enrolled int he DLI program. Spanish speaking students who have limited English proficiency have a statutory right to up to 1/2 of the seats.

Dual Language Immersion Program Admission Procedures
for the 2013-14 School Year

  • Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programming is open to all Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) students; however, at the elementary level it is only available at Midvale, Lincoln (2013-14), Leopold, Sandburg, Glendale and Chavez.
  • Students are selected by lottery.
  • Students in DLI classes are both language learners and language models. Therefore, the lottery fills the seats available at a 50:50 to 60:40 ratio of Spanish to English speakers.
  • If there are more applicants that seats available, a waitlist will be formed. If an application is received after the application deadline, the applicant is placed at the bottom of the appropriate waitlist.
  • Students living outside of the attendance area may apply; however, students living within each attendance area are given priority access into the DLI program.
  • Preference is also given to siblings and twins of students already enrolled in a MMSD DLI program.
  • Applications are available at DLI program sites, parent information sessions and online at
  • An Online Application is also available at
  • All applications must be submitted to the Madison Metropolitan School District Enrollment Office. Applications may be submitted in any of the following ways: