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About Us

Welcome to Midvale Elementary School!

Midvale-Lincoln Schools are a diverse community of students, staff, families, and supporters who are committed to high achievement for all in a welcoming and supportive environment.

The entire Midvale Elementary staff looks forward to establishing a strong educational partnership with you for the benefit of your child. We believe it is vital that the home/school link be strong so that your child will have every opportunity to be a successful learner. Clear communication between home and school is a necessary part of that link.

Students work on a STEM activity with building blocks.

School Mission Statement

Midvale-Lincoln School is a diverse, caring and joyful community whose mission is to empower children to become enthusiastic and inquisitive lifelong learners.At Midvale-Lincoln elementary schools, we strive to provide a high quality education, and create an environment whereby every child’s potential is reached; a safe, respectful learning environment that recognizes individuality and promote academic excellence; an inclusive, multicultural curriculum that values diversity; and a commitment to mutually responsible partnership between staff, families and community on behalf of our children.

Midvale Mustangs Logo

School Song

Our school is really cool, 'cause we follow the rules,
We're proud to be here it's true.
We're hip and we're funny, friendly and sunny,
We like us and so will you...

Midvale Elementary - We're especially - Extraordinary
We work so very hard to be the best that we can be!

We all work together, we work as a team,
We come to school each day!
We have lots of fun, we’re number one,
We keep improving day by day...

Midvale Elementary - We're especially - Extraordinary
We work so very hard to be the best that we can be!